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Reference Data

Reference Data is that data that may be referenced from data contained by the EngineeringModels (and also by the contents of the SiteDirectory). EngineeringModels contain parametric models of complex systems. Parameters are used to associate properties to the design elements of these models. For instance, a car may be modelled with a length, width and height. These properties are modelled as Parameters. The Parameters not only have concepts to express the values of these properties, but they also "reference" a ParameterType and MeasurementScale to express what kind of parameter it is and on what scale it is expressed. For instance, the length of car could be 4 metres. The "Reference Data" only needs to be instantiated once on a CDP4 WebServices instance and can then be referenced by concepts from manny EngineeringModels. Reference Data is contained by a ReferenceDataLibrary, which in turn is contained by the SiteDirectory. Both the SiteDirectory and an EngineeringModel are TopContainers. The result of this is that when performing a GET request on an EngineeringModel including extent=deep will not return any reference data. A convenience parameter exists that will return the required reference data together with the requested EngineeringModel data. This query parameter is called includeReferenceData and has as possible values true and false. The default value is false. The following GET request will return the data contained by an Iteration including all the requried reference data.


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