CDP 4 User Manual

Discovering EngineeringModels and Iterations

The query to retrieve the content of an Iteration of an EngineeringModel has the unique id's of both the EngineeringModel and the Iteration in it. This information, the unique id's to contruct this kind of URI, can be retrieved from the SiteDirectory. The SiteDirectory class contains a property called model. The model property that has as value an array of unique id's of all the EngineeringModelSetups. The EngineeringModelSetup contains a property called IterationSetup that has as value an array of unique id's of all the IterationSetups contained by the EngineeringModelSetup. The setup classes represent meta-data of the available EngineeringModels and Iterations, such as a name, definition but also the unique id of the EngineeringModel and Iteration that they represent. Using the values of the EngineeringModelSetup.engineeringModelIid and IterationSetup.iterationIid properties respectivly the query to retrieve the contents of an Iteration can be constructed:


When a deep copy of the SiteDirectory has been queried the result will contain all the EngineeringModelSetup and IterationSetup instances that are available on the CDP4 WebServices.

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