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Team Composition



The Team Composition browser gives an overview of the team members that perform the Concurrent Design Activity.

Team Composition Browser

It is possible to get an overview of the background details of all the persons that are assigned to an engineering model as participants, i.e. representing the Concurrent Design team for a specific CD Activity. After connecting to a data source, open the Directory ribbon tab and select the Team Composition img icon. The list of engineering models with their Names and Short Names is presented in a modal dialog; depending on the role and assignment to engineering models, not all existing models may appear in the list. Select the engineering model for which you want to see the team composition and click Ok.

This will open the Team Composition browser, consisting of a header bar, and a tab for each user that is assigned to the engineering model as a participant. The tab for each participant in the team can be collapsed to only show the name or expanded to show more details by clicking the Expand img or Collapse img icons. These are the Domain, Telephone Number (default), Email Address (default), Person Role, Organization, Organizational Unit, and a check box with the setting for Active; see the descriptions of persons and how to create a team for more detailed descriptions of these fields.

The browser layout can be easily adapted by the user. On the top right hand side of the browser, a list is available of the attributes that are given as details on the tab for each team member; click on the List img icon to show or hide these. Any of these attributes can be dragged onto the header bar to sort the team members' tabs accordingly, where these will appear as a group under a vertical grouping tab for the chosen attribute(s). Similar as each team member tab, use the Expand img or Collapse img icons or alternatively double-click this vertical grouping tab to collapse or expand the team members that belong to it. As a typical example, the team members are sorted according to their participant role, showing the model administrators and the domain experts as easily identifiable groups. Another possible ordering could be based on e.g. the domain or organizations. Each layout can be easily adapted by adding or removing attributes from the header bar. Please note that this layout is not be saved; the same or an alternative representation can however easily be applied again when reopening the Team Composition browser for any engineering model.


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