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Preliminary Engineering with Core Team

Plugin: Requirements Module


Next to the setup of a team, further actions to prepare Concurrent Design activity for mainly the system engineer and team leader may consist of managing measurement units, measurement scales and parameter types in the RDL, preparing the engineering model and possibly domain workbooks. The preparation phase is not only about preparing the CDP™ in a managerial sense (see ) to organize the team and further logistics. Preparation also involves preliminary engineering tasks with key domains that are given preparation rights. In the preparation phase several directions for possible solutions need to be identified, corresponding CDP™ Element Definitions and Element Usages with appropriate parameters can be defined, preliminary Product Trees for identified options can be set up or updated by setting the option dependencies of element usages and parameters, and initial calculations can be performed. This can be done reusing suitable items by starting from a suitable Template Model and (re-)using items from applicable Model Catalogues or other Study Models, see the description of different model kinds. The results of this preliminary engineering work will be presented in the Kick-Off session to start off the Concurrent Design activity.

Details for specific actions that are usually in any case required in the preparation phase can be found in the appropriate sections of , in and for actions concerned with the CDP™ and in for actions concerned with the CDP™ workbooks. Section provides further descriptions that are more focused on participating in the design sessions of a Concurrent Design Activity. Apart from this, several managerial tasks for extra functionality offered by the CDP™, such as creating a session, adding external participants and making checklists may be performed. These type of additional actions are described in section 3.4.

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