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Site RDL Selection

Plugin: CDP4SiteDirectory


Site RDLs are libraries that hold a set of (predefined) reference data that can be loaded at runtime and can be (re-)used by multiple Engineering Models compliant with ECSS-E-TM-10-25.

Available Site RDLs Modal Dialog

This feature allows the user to interact with the elements that are contained in the selected Site RDL without the need of opening the EngineeringModels that use it. To open up the Select Site RDL to open dialog, on the Reference Data tab select the Open img icon on the Site RDLs group. This will open a modal dialog that contains a list of all the Site RDLs available in all the connected Data sources. The Site RDLs are grouped in a tree structure within the Site Directory that contains them.

To close this dialog without performing any further action click the Cancel button or the Close window img icon located in the top-right corner.

To open a specific Site RDL select it on the tree where is displayed and click the Open button. Clicking the Open button automatically closes the dialog and from this point onwards the browsers that are accessible from the Reference Data tabs such as Measurement Units, Measurement Scales, Categories, etc. will be populated with the data contained in the selected Site RDL.

Site Reference Data Library Browser

There is a browser that displays the available Site RDLs in the same way as the dialog mentioned above except that each data source is displayed in its own panel. To open up the Site RDLs browser, navigate to the Directory ribbon tab and select the Reference Data Libraries img icon. This will open the browser that contains a list of all the Site RDLs available in the specified data source. The data source of the presented information of the Site RDL is displayed in the header area of the browser, as well as the first name and surname of the person.

Both in the browser and in the dialog, the columns of the table display the ShortName, Name and the Required RDL of each Site RDL.

For more detailed information on Site RDLs and managing these, see the topic of managing RDLs.

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