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Manage Organizations



In Concurrent Design, a multidisciplinary team works together an a design problem in a Concurrent Design Activity. The team members will often belong to different organizations, coming from e.g. governmental organizations, industry, research institutes, and/or academia. These organizations can be indicated to provide more context to these team members.

Manage Organizations

To get an overview of the background of all the persons that exist on a data source, it is possible to manage organizations and show the persons that belong to it. After connecting to a data source, open the Directory ribbon tab and select the Organizations img icon to manage organizations.

This will open the Organizations browser that contains a list of all the organizations available in the specified data source. These are given with their Name and Short Name. When managing persons, it is possible to indicate that a person belongs to an organization from this list. For each organization, the persons that belong to it will then be given in the Organizations browser, with their Name and User Name, as well as their Person Role, Default Email and Default Phone.

Create Organization

To create a new organization, select the Create Organization imgicon or in the context menu select Create Organization.

Provide a Name and Short Name, and click Ok.

Edit Organization

To edit an organization, select the Edit Organization imgicon or in the context menu select Edit.

It is possible to edit the Name and/or Short Name. After making the required changes, click Ok.

Inspect Organization

To inspect an organization, select the Inspect Parameter Type imgicon or in the context menu select Inspect. In the Inspect modal dialog, all the details can be seen on the Basic tab. Additionally the status of the Parameter Type is given by the check box for Deprecated, see the description of Delete below.

The Advanced tab provides information that may be useful mostly to CDP™ database administrators. Given are the UniqueID and the [Revision Number][Rev_Num].

Delete Organization

A parameter type should not be deleted from the CDP™.

To delete an organization, select the Delete Organization imgicon or in the context menu select Delete. Items from the CDP™ are never completely deleted, but they are marked as Deprecated. This Deprecated status is an indication to users that it should not be used anymore.

Export Organization

To export organizations, select the Export Organizations img icon.


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