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The Concurrent Design method in the CDP™ requires the system under consideration to be broken down into domains of expertise. Concurrent Design & Engineering focuses on parametric design, represented mainly in the CDP™ Element Definitions Browser and in the derived Product Trees representing the options under investigation in the design. The CDP™ captures interactions between disciplines within a CD Activity through ownership of parameters, with other domains using these as inputs, and by using options and iterations, providing an audit trail to the design process.

Each domain has a workspace in the CDP™ with an associated CDP™ workbook to perform domain specific calculations. A user needs to be assigned to a CDP&trade Activity, i.e. an engineering model as a participant, representing at least one specific domain. It is possible for a participant to represent multiple domains, see the description on how to create a team.

This section describes how to manage domains at the level of the Site Directory.

Manage Domains in a Site Directory

In the CDP™4, domains are managed at the level of the Site Directory. First make sure to have the required Site Directory available by selecting a specific Site Directory. To open up the Domains of Expertise Browser, on the Directory tab select the Domains img icon. This browser shows a list of all the Domains of Expertise that are available in the selected Site RDLs. The items that will be available will thus depend on the connected [Data source][CDP_D_S]. When a user is e.g. connected to CDP™4 server or an OCDT WSP as data source, the list will contain a list of typical domains of expertise in the space domain with their corresponding acronyms, consisting of e.g.:

These domains of expertise are available to be used in all engineering models within that data source in the CDP™. When a user is created, as a Person, it is possible to assign a default domain from this list of all possible domains of expertise.

The actual domains of expertise active in a CDP™ Activity or engineering model have to be chosen from this list. If a domain of expertise is needed in a particular CDP&trade Activity that is not yet available in this list, it has to be created first at the level of the Site Directory.


A description of the available functionalities is given below. Next to these it is possible to use the generic functionality using the Search img and Help img icons. To make sure the latest data is shown in the browser, it is always possible to refresh it using the Refresh img icon.

Create Domain of Expertise

To create a new domain of expertise, select the Create Domain of Expertise img icon or in the context menu select Create a Domain of Expertise. Provide a Name and a Short Name for the domain of expertise, and click Ok.

New domains should be an expression of a domain of expertise as much as possible and not as a person or role.


Edit Domain of Expertise

To edit a domain of expertise, select the Edit Domain of Expertise img icon or in the context menu select Edit. It is only possible to edit the Name and/or Short Name; after making the required changes, click Ok. The browsers in the CDP™ Client of the user that performed the editing action will be updated immediately. Other CDP™ Clients will be updated with a [refresh][Refresh].

On the Advanced tab, a Revision Number is given.

Inspect Domain of Expertise

To inspect a domain of expertise, select the Inspect Domain of Expertise img icon or in the context menu select Inspect. In the Inspect modal dialog, the Name and Short Name are given on the Basic tab. Additionally the status of the domain of expertise is given by the check box for Deprecated, see the description of delete below.

The Advanced tab provides information that may be useful mostly to CDP™ database administrators. Given are the UniqueID and the Revision Number.

Delete Domain of Expertise

To delete a domain of expertise, select the Delete Domain of Expertise img icon or in the context menu select Delete. Items from the CDP™ are never completely deleted, but they are marked as Deprecated. This deprecated status is an indication to users that it should not be used anymore.

Export Domain of Expertise

To export a domain of expertise, select the Export Domain of Expertise img icon or in the context menu select Export.

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