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Model Kinds for Engineering Models



The main design activities in a Concurrent Design study are performed by the design team within the frame of an Engineering Model. This section describes the different types of engineering models that can be used, indicated as different Model Kinds.

More information is given in the related topics of manage engineering models, and how combinations of Model Kinds and Study Phases can be typically used in engineering models.

Different Types of Model Kinds

Engineering models can be of different Model Kinds. Model Kinds can be of the following types1:

These Model Kinds are defined in ECSS-E-TM-10-25 and cannot be extended or edited, but only applied to an engineering model.

The Model Kind of an engineering model can be inspected or edited in the Engineering Model browser. This can be opened by selecting the Models img icon in the Directory tab. This will show all the available engineering models the user is allowed to see according to the permissions, depending on the setup of the Person Role and the engineering models to which the user is assigned.

When creating or editing an engineering model setup, it is in principle possible to provide combinations of Model Kinds and Study Phase that do not make sense, such as an engineering model that is a Scratch Model but set to Completed Study. Note that the combination of Model Kinds and Study Phase is to a large extent intended to provide an indication of the status of an engineering model to other users, either managing engineering models, or participating in a Concurrent Design study in a particular engineering model. Persons that are in charge of managing engineering models should take care to provide meaningful and informative combinations that are kept up to date, so that other users do not get confused about the status of the available engineering models.

This is mostly important, since different model kinds and study phases do have different functionalities and applications for usage; see the descriptions of typical use in engineering models.

Edit Model Kind for an Engineering Model Setup

A person with the access right Modify on the class Engineering Model Setup is allowed to edit the Model Kind of an engineering model.

To edit the Model Kind of an engineering model, select the Edit Engineering Model Setup imgicon or in the context menu select Edit. On the Basic tab, edit the Model Kind and if required also the Study Phase. After making the required changes, click Ok.

For the impact of changing the Model Kind, see the description of their typical use in engineering models.

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