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Refreshing Data


In performing Concurrent Design activities, the complete team is continuously making changes to the data model, e.g. changing values, adding objects or parameters, adding or editing requirements, uploading documents etc. In the CDP™ Client of a team member his own changes are immediately visible. Changes made by other team members are communicated through the CDP™ database. It is therefore very important for users at specific moments to retrieve the latest information of the data model from the database to make sure the user is in line with the state of the complete model. For this there are several possibilities and settings that can be adopted by the user to fit with the needs of both the individual user and the progress rate of the complete team.

Refresh Settings

Refreshing can be performed automatically. This can be set separately for each CDP™ data source a user is connected to. To enable this functionality, go to the Home tab on the menu ribbon and in the drop-down on the Data Source group select a CDP™ data source. An appropriate time interval can be chosen by the user for the Auto Refresh, given in seconds [s]. This should be filled in in the AutoRefresh Interval field.

On the Data Source group it is possible to refresh all the data as well if needed through the Refresh img icon to retrieve an updated list of changes from the database. Clicking the Reload img icon will reload all the data from the activity.


Information on Refresh

When a refresh, auto-refresh or reload is performed, this is indicated in the feedback message in the status bar. The refresh or reload actions are visible in the Log Information browser.

For each individual window that is open in the CDP™ Client, manual refresh is possible in all windows by using the Refresh img icons.

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