CDP 4 User Manual

Log Information


All actions that a user performs are stored in a log file on the CDP™ server. These are listed as entries in the Log Information Browser.

The log entries provide information on changes to the CDP™ data model, which may be mostly useful for a CDP™ Database administrator to trace changes to the model, and not necessarily for CDP™ end-users such as domain engineers. The Log view provides read-only information.

Entries and Presented Information

The entries in the Log Information Browser are given with the following columns:

Adapting the Presented Information

The Log Information Browser can be filtered to show information from a minimum level and higher, giving the possibility to leave out specific level entries. This is done by selecting or deselecting the icons for the different levels:

Level Icon Description
Trace img ToBeCompleted
Debug img ToBeCompleted
Info img ToBeCompleted
Warning img ToBeCompleted
Error img ToBeCompleted
Fatal Error img ToBeCompleted

Other possible actions are clearing the log entries using the Clear Log Panel img icon, and saving the entries using the Export Log to a file img icon.

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