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Overview of Concurrent Design Team


The RHEA approach to Concurrent Design calls for an organized team of individuals in certain roles. These will be discussed in this section.

Team Roles

In the CDP™ users can be assigned to various roles, that control what each specific user is enabled to do and see.

A standard CD team composition includes the following roles:

The team roles describe the granted rights within the CDP™. Following ECSS-E-TM-10-25 this is arranged using the notions of Person Role and Participant Role.

To identify the user's discipline in a design activity the notion of domains is introduced.

Typical Domains

A typical Concurrent Design activity consists of at least the following roles that are represented by domains of expertise in the CDP™:

These domains are complemented with the specific technical or strategic domain expert required to assess the design challenge of the customer. The number of domains can easily range from 5 to 20 domains.

Domains are managed at the level of the CDP™4, and can be used in a specific engineering model to create a team. Some of the domains mentioned above, e.g. the System Engineering domain and a large set of technical or strategic domains, are present in the CDP™ by default as predefined domains upon installation of a CDP4™ server. If domains are not yet available, these can always be added, e.g. to cover domains for a specific type of application or industry.

These roles, represented by users that represent a domain in the CDP™,are often supported by roles in the CD process that usually need to have access to the CDP™ as well, e.g.:

These do not necessarily will be have to be defined as separate domains of expertise in the CDP™ however; it is up to the organization that is managing the CDP™ to see if it is desired to have separate domains (for clarity), or if these are considered to fall under e.g. a system engineering domain (to avoid having domains that do not actually contribute to the design model).

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